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WellPharmaRx Med Store is all about quality medications and excellent customer service. Moreover this pharmacy knows how important privacy holds for a customer. This is the reason we have uploaded a security system in our website. This secure lock protects data feed by the customer. The personal data such as email address, phone numbers and credit card information is stored in the system. This system is known as SSL or Secure Socket Layer which is advanced security software. Data captured by this system couldn’t be shared with any other third party vendor. This is how we respect and protect the privacy of our customers.

This online drug store is pioneer in supplying all types of generic versions. This is the place where one can buy xylocaine cream without doctor’s paper. There is a wide range of over the counter medicines accessible at this drug store. Generic medications are similar to that of branded counterparts and works effectually over several health concerns. As the chemical content is same for both forms of medications, both gives similar results. These drugs are manufactured under hygienic conditions and thus can be consumed with great confidence. FDA approval makes it much safer.

There are various policies made for customers so that they can shop with us easily. Amongst all policies, privacy policy is the one that confirms that the data feed by them is protected in the system called as SSL. This is a security system that ensures no single alphabet would be leaked to third party. You can be relaxed as this privacy policy assured you about the protection of the important data given by you.

After the privacy policy page, you can see the shipping and refund policy page that gives you information regarding shipping procedure and refund claiming procedure and rules regarding the same.